Fine debut from an awesome psychedelic pop band

"I saw these cats live last winter and have been waiting for the album since then, and it's been totally worth the wait. A very psych-pop sound that reminds me alternately of The Velvet Underground, the Brian Jonestown Massacre (in fact, the album's title track is dedicated to that band's founder) and some of the shoegazer rock that emerged from the U.K. in the late 80s and early 90s. If you like modern psych-pop like Animal Collective, Of Montreal, The Warlocks and such, you'll find a lot to love here. Production for an indie release is pretty tight. There's a lot of delicate craftsmanship in the songwriting and the presentation, and it comes through in the mix. It's great stuff for some introspection and mellowing out. One word of warning, though -- the album, as good as it is, fails to capture the insane wall of sound these guys create in their live shows. If they're playing a gig near you, check them out."